Friday, November 18, 2016

Flyer Friday: Elaine Karabatsos ’90

In an industry in which the sky is the limit, Elaine Karabatsos ’90 arrived at her final destination after a hard-fought journey. Elaine received a job with The Coca-Cola Company in 1992 after working at Rusk Aviation for about one year after graduation. As an Aircraft Manager, she is responsible for the maintenance of the corporate fleet and safely preparing those aircraft for departure.

Growing up as a tomboy unafraid to get some dirt under her fingernails, Elaine felt inspired to work in the aviation industry from a very young age. It was not an easy journey, though.

“It has been a very eye-opening career filled with unique experiences,” she says with a smile. “My family wanted me to go to school for a more female-oriented career, because a woman working in the aviation industry was just unheard of. With a lot of hard work and determination, I can now say I have accomplished something that only one percent of women have accomplished.”

Having graduated with a degree in Aviation Maintenance, Elaine gained a lot more than just an extensive education at Lewis University. Making lifelong friends and important professional contacts, Elaine loved every minute of her college experience.

“Lewis is known to have an elite aviation program, and the fact that I can say I went there and put it in writing is a huge accomplishment,” Elaine adds. “Never give up; the sky is the limit!”

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