Friday, May 20, 2016

#FlyerFriday: Abby Michels '15 and Tidiany Diarra '15

On a personal journey to find their true calling in the world, Abby Michels ’15 and Tidiany Diarra ’15 made the decision to serve as Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) after graduating from Lewis University.

The Lasallian Volunteer program is a professional development and vocational opportunity for graduates who are interested in living out the Lasallian mission. Volunteers choose to dedicate one or two years of their life to give back and live in community alongside De La Salle Christian Brothers and other volunteers.

“This experience is perfect for graduates who want to obtain experience in their field to jumpstart their career or just take a year to give back to your community,” said Lasallian Volunteer Scholar Sonya Lee. “Based on your personal interests, you are placed in sites like New York, California, or Philadelphia as a teacher, counselor, coordinator, or one of many other roles.” Read more ...