Thursday, February 27, 2014

Who's coming to "Dinner for 10?"

If you are an alumnus looking to meet and connect with current Lewis students, co-sponsoring a “Dinner for 10” with another alumnus is the perfect opportunity!

We are looking for two alumni to treat four students to an off-campus dinner where you and the students can causally interact with each other. The four students will be able to bring one friend each, for a grand total of 10 people. This is an alumni-sponsored informal, networking dinner that is also a lot of fun!

You can choose the type of students you wish to invite. Do you want to meet with students from the same major you studied?  Were you a part of LASO, BSU or another campus organization and want to meet that group’s current members?  Whatever criteria you have for your “Dinner for 10,” we will take care of inviting students who fit the bill.

We will take care of inviting the students, but they need to get there on their own.  We ask that when picking a restaurant to host your “Dinner for 10”, please be considerate of the distance of the establishment from Lewis University’s Romeoville Campus.

For more information, contact Margaret Grabowski ’10, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, at

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Alumni: Come back to ICE Class for a day!

In addition to the things all first-year college students need to know, Lewis’ Introduction to the College Experience Class informs freshmen about things specific to the University. Included in the course are the history of Lewis University and facts about the Alumni Association.

One day of ICE Class is dedicated to playing a Jeopardy-style game. As a way to get the freshmen to understand how important it is to be an engaged alumnus, we need alumni volunteers to act as game show hosts for that day of class.

With about 40 sections of ICE Class meeting at a variety of times, there is an ICE Class to fit every schedule!

For more information, contact Margaret Grabowski ’10, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, at

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thumbprint Stories: PJ '02 and Julie (Heartly) '01 Malin

From now through Feb. 14, we will be sharing the many ways Lewis has left thumbprints on our hearts. From favorite professors to future spouses, tell us who made a difference in your life at Lewis while honoring them with a gift of any size to any Lewis fund. You can spread the love and leave a thumbprint on the hearts of many future Flyers like yourself!

PJ '02 and Julie (Heartly) '01 Malin

Julie transferred to Lewis while her mother was working in the school of education. Her mother happened to be friends with a woman whose son also attended Lewis. The son was friends with PJ Malin ‘02, and both men participated in Lewis’ InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

“I’m originally from Hawaii. Julie came to InterVarsity and expected to find a tall, tan handsome Hawaiian man from the islands and instead saw this tall, pale guy. After we got to know each other, I invited her out and we started dating,” says PJ.

The couple hit it off and found their soul mates in each other. It wasn’t long before they made the promise to spend the rest of their lives together – and even celebrated with a wedding on campus in May 2002.

“We chose to be married here on campus because Lewis is where we met. The campus and the people have so much meaning to us. We had a lot of friends on campus that we wanted to be a part of it, too,” says Paul.

Julie added that the Den was a special place on campus for the couple because they’d go on dates there. They also took a class together, along with participating in InterVarsity and worship.
“We spent a lot of time in the chapel together,” adds Paul. “The chapel will always be a special place for us. We’re grateful for Lewis, and for so many wonderful friends, teachers and mentors who helped guide us along our way.”

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